The Education Centre

Courses in Constructivist Counseling and Psychotherapy

The centre organizes specialist education in psychological counseling and psychotherapy. Education includes both basic (introductory) and advanced level.


The Education Centre Portfolio

Introductory course include a series of basic lectures in constructivist meta – theory and the practice of counseling and psychotherapy.  
Advanced course offer high – level programs for certification in constructivist psychotherapy    


as well as advanced course for certification in constructivist counseling  

These programs meet the requirements of the Serbian Federation of Psychotherapists’ Associations (SFPA) and European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP), Serbian Psychologist Counselors’ Association (SPCA) and European Association for Counseling (EAC).

In addition, SCA organizes education adapted to the specific needs of individuals, groups or organizations, including workshops, lectures, and training programs.
Education Centre also entails Diploma Board consisting of Prof. Dušan Stojnov (president), Nada Dimčović  and Marina Pavlović.
Course in Constructivist Coaching Psychology

The centre organizes certified education in constructivist coaching psychology. Education includes both foundation and advanced level. Foundation course includes 5 two-day training  modules and attendance of coaching group, and advanced course includes another 5 modules and three two-days supervision workshops. Education includes trainers from home and abroad.

Certified course includes a series of basic and advanced modules in coaching psyhology, mainly based on practical work sppaning two years.
Course Program  
Contact Person: Dušan Stojnov, PhD